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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SwagBucks Test Your Strength Meter

SwagBucks Test Your Strength Meter
5/15 - 5/31
The average daily goal so far, as of 5/28, is 70. Don't let that 250 above scare you!
If you haven't joined SwagBucks yet, CLICK HERE :)

Check this box every day to see your earning goal for the day.
Reach that goal by earning Swag Bucks through any of the activities on our site.
Hit the daily goal and earn a 10% SB bonus of that day's goal value.
Hit your goal every day of the Carnival and get 200 Super Bonus Swag Bucks.
Hit your goal at least 14 days and get 100 Super Bonus Swag Bucks
Hit your goal at least 11 days and get 50 Super Bonus Swag Bucks
All bonuses will be credited no later than 6/4/12

Tips on earning SwagBucks :)
Do you daily searches. You can WIN up to 5 a day, 2-4 is normal. You will see me post when we are on singles, dubs, trips, quads etc.
Do the Daily Poll
Do the NOSO ~ You can "SKIP" all the offers and still get your 2 SB's!
Play 10 Games, 2 SB's for every 2 Games played. Maximum 10 SB's per day. I have the kids play them while I do chores :)
Get that SBTV Meter Going! 3 SB's for every 10 Videos watched.
Check the Special Offers Tab, go under Radium One and look for 1 SB and 2 SB offers. They are simple, such as watching a video.
Watch for a Daily Code.