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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Target Bi-Annual Toy CLEARANCE Sale & Summer Seasonal Dept CLEARANCE Sale

Target Bi-Annual Toy CLEARANCE Sale

I post the majority of my pictures and updates for Target CLEARANCE in my
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Twice a year Target has a HUGE Toy Clearance sale!
Once In January AND Once In July!
This is when I majorly stockup on gifts for birthdays and Christmas!
Toy Deparment markdowns are traditional done on Thursdays.
Items in regular departments do NOT hit 90% OFF like the seasonal department does.
An associate MUST SCAN an item to trigger the next lowest Clearance price,
unlike the seasonal department which is switched internally at corporate.
Don't always believe the large red isle signs,
percentages can be lower than the signs indicate
AND the Pricing can also be LOWER than the Red Clearance Ticket!
Percentages Off CAN VARY by location,
as well as the items that are on Clearance,
SO IF you have more than one location near you...
USE Your Target RedCard for an Additional 5% OFF!
Comment on my facebook page with what percentage off your store is at to help others.
Post Pictures on my facebook page to make the sale more fun
and to help others know what items to look for and scan in store.
I can include your pics in my posts too!!!


LAST YEAR (July 2015)
Target had their Big Summer Seasonal Department CLEARANCE Sale
Wednesday July 15th the Summer Seasonal Items Hit 70% OFF
See My Post With Pictures from 70% Summer CLEARANCE Last Year >>HERE<<
Friday July 17th the Summer Seasonal Dept Items Hit 90% OFF
7/17/2014 is when the Summer Seasonal Hit 90% OFF Too!
See My Post With Pictures from 90% Summer CLEARANCE Last Year >>HERE<<

For My Target Markdown Schedule Click >>HERE<<

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