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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How To Clean Your Car Headlights With Toothpaste

How To Clean Your Car Headlights With Toothpaste

We all try to figure out How To Save Money right???
Our vehicles are one of the most expensive things to purchase & maintain,
next to our homes.
SO I have had to be VERY creative on How To Save Money on Vehicles Expenses.

#1 ~ By Couponing I can SAVE enough money to compensate for my Monthly Car Payment!
AND I have a vehicle that a LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
My Truck is a Toyota Sequoia!
I did purchase a 2008 model with lower mileage, and did a LOT of research
for 3 months before purchasing the perfect one at the RIGHT PRICE!

#2 ~ By Couponing I can ALSO SAVE enough money to compensate for my Car Insurace Payments!
Again, choosing a car insurance company WISELY!
I personally have USAA for ALL my insurances & my vehicle loan.
I've been a USAA Member for... OMGOSH... 30-ish years!

#3 ~ I RARELY pay at the pump to put gas in my truck!
You would think HOW?!?!? It only gets 14mpg!
That's because I focus on GasPoint Deals when Grocery Shopping!

#4 ~ It's VERY common for Couponers to have TONS of Toothpaste in their Stockpiles.
I donate Toothpaste and give it away to family & friends,
because there are FREE & MONEYMAKER Deals on Toothpaste ALL THE TIME!
And I just can't help myself LOL!
I always say "Friends Don't Let Friends Pay For Toothpaste"!
I try to find Other Uses for Items in my Stockpile!
This morning I Cleaned My Truck Headlights With Toothpaste!
My headlights have always been very filmy, since the day I purchased my truck.

How To Clean Your Car Headlights With Toothpaste
Smear a thick layer of Toothpaste on the headlight with Paper Towel.
Let it set & dry.
Rinse With Water While Rubbing Off With Paper Towel...
Your Car Headlights are Clear & Shiny New!
You just Saved Yourself Money on purchasing expensive car cleaning products!

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