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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sunday 9/25/16 Newspaper Coupon Insert Preview

Sunday 9/25/16 Newspaper Coupon Insert Preview
All Coupons & Their Values Can Be Regional
These are the Coupons that I received in my Rochester NY D&C Newspaper!

9/25 P&G Coupon Insert Preview
Expires 10/8
Always $2.00/1 pads 11ct+ AND 1 pantiliners 30ct+ excludes discreet
Crest $1.25/1 mouthwash 237ml/8oz+ excludes kids
FREE + MONEYMAKER Crest Mouthwash at Rite Aid 9/25-10/1/16 >>HERE<<
Crest $1.25/2 toothpastes 3oz+ or liquid gels excludes regular, cavity, baking soda, tartar control and kids
FREE + MONEYMAKER Crest Toothpaste at Rite Aid 9/25-10/1/16 >>HERE<<
Crest $5.00/1 3d white glamorous white, 1hr express, professional effects, flexfit, gentle routine or monthly whitening boost whitestrips
Downy $1.00/1 Product, Unstopables Fabric Care Product, Bounce Sheets, Dreft Blissfuls or Gain Fireworks In Wash Scent Booster
Fixodent $1.00/1 adhesive 1.4oz+
Gain $2.00/1 Detergent (excludes Fabric Enhancer, Fireworks & Flings)
Gillette $1.00/2 antiperspirant/deodorants 2.6oz+ excludes clinical strength
Head & Shoulders $4.00/2 full size products 380ml/12.8oz+ excludes all treatments
Luvs $2.00/1 diapers
Olay $1.00/1 bar 4ct+ or body wash
Olay $5.00/2 prox, regenerist or luminous facial moisturizers or eyes product
Old Spice $1.00/1 shampoo, 2-in-1 or styling product
Old Spice $1.00/2 antiperspirant/deodorant body wash or bar soap products
Oral-B $1.25/2 adult manual toothbrushes excludes healthy clean and kids
FREE ORAL-B Toothbrushes at Rite Aid 9/25-10/1/16 >>HERE<<
Pampers $2.00/1 easy ups training underwear or underjams absorbent night wear
Pampers Buy 1 diapers or easy ups training underwear, get 1 wipes up to 72ct free up to $3.99
Pantene $1.50/1 styler or treatment product
Pantene $1.00/1 3 minute miracle deep conditioner or expert product
Pantene $2.00/2 products excludes 6.7oz
Pantene $5.00/3 products excludes 6.7oz
Prilosec OTC $8.00/2 42ct products
Secret $1.00/2 antiperspirant/deodorants 2.6oz+ excludes clinical strength
Secret/Gillette $2.00/1 clinical 1.6oz+
Tampax $2.00/2 pearl or radiant tampons 16ct+
Tide $2.00/1 Detergent (excludes Pods, Simply and 10oz)
Tide Pods or Gain Flings $2.00/1 (excludes Tide Simply, Tide Pods 5ct & Gain Flings 5ct)
Tide BUY 2 Detergents 69/75oz+ GET 1 FREE Up To $4.50 Downy Fabric Softener 41/51oz, Downy Fresh Protect, Unstopables, Gain Fireworks, Dreft Blissfuls, Bounce Bursts, Beads 9.7oz or In Wash Boosters

Expires 10/22
Align $3.00/1 product
Bounty $1.00/1 product 6ct+ includes 2 huge roll
Bounty/Charmin $.50/1 bounty or charmin basic or charmin essentials excludes single roll
Charmin $1.00/1 product 6ct+
Covergirl+Olay $3.00/1 family product excludes accessories
Covergril $1.00/1 lip or nail product excludes accessories
Dawn $.25/1 product
Febreze $.50/1 product excluding unstopables
Gillette $3.00/1 razor or disposable 2ct+ excludes sensor2 2ct
Gillette/Venus $4.00/1 refill pack 4ct+
Gillette/Venus/Satin Care $2.00/1 shave gel 5.9oz+ excludes foamy
FREE + MONEYMAKER Gillette Series & Satin Care Shave Gel at Tops Markets 9/25-10/1/16 >>HERE<<
Metamucil $1.00/1 product excludes meta health bar 1ct
Olay $.50/1 facial moisturizer or cleanser
Olay $1.00/1 total effects facial moisturizer excludes eyes
Pepto-Bismol $.50/1 product
Puffs $.50/1 facial tissues product excluding single puffs to go packs
Sinex $1.00/1 product
Swiffer $2.00/1 refill or wetjet solution
Venus/Daisy $3.00/1 venus razor or venus/daisy disposable 2ct+ excludes daisy2 2ct
Vicks $1.00/1 product excluding sinex, vapodrops and zzzquil
Vicks $3.00/2 product excluding vapodrops and zzzquil
ZzzQuil $2.00/1 product

9/25 RP Coupon Insert
Axe $1.00/1 hair care product ets (10/230
Axe $2.00/1 dry spray antiperspirant product ets (10/9)
Axe Buy body wash, get body spray 4oz free ets up to $5.99 (10/9)
C&H $.40/1 24oz organic or 32oz washed raw sugar product (12/3) (regional)
C&H $.50/1 sugar product 2lbs+ (12/3) (regional)
C&H $1/1 organic blue agave nectar (12/3) (regional)
C&H $1/1 product in a flip-top canister (12/3) (regional)
Caress $1.00/1 beauty bar 6pk+ or body wash 12oz+ (10/9)
DOMINO $1.00/2 Sugar Products 2lbs+ Exp 12/3/16 (regional)
DOMINO $1.00/2 24oz Organic or Demerara Products Exp 12/3/16 (regional)
DOMINO $1.00/1 Bottle Organic Blue Agave Nectar Exp 12/3/16 (regional)
DOMINO $1.00/1 Product in a Flip Top Container Exp 12/3/16 (regional)
Dove $1.25/1 advanced care antiperspirant deodorant or dry spray antiperspirant product ets (10/9)
Dove $1.00/1 beauty bar 4pk+ (10/9)
Dove $1.00/1 body wash 22oz+ (10/9)
Dove $2.00/2 hair care products ets (10/23)
Dove Men+Care $1.00/1 antiperspirant or deodorant stick/solid including clinical protection excluding dry spray and trial (10/23)
Dove Men+Care $1.00/1 hair care or styling product ets (10/23)
Dove Men+Care $2.00/1 bar 6pk+ (10/9)
Dove Men+Care $2.00/1 body wash 13.5oz+ (10/9)
Dunkin’ Donuts $1.00/2 creamer Exp 11/20/16 (regional value)
Dunkin’ Donuts $1.50/2 coffee products (11/30)
Duracell $.25/1 coppertop, quantum, ultra photo lithium, specialty batteries, rechargeable batteries, charger or 6pk+ hearing aid batteries excludes 1ct and trial (10/22)(regionak)
FDgard $5/1 8ct and 24ct (9/25/17)(regional)
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! $1.00/2 15oz+ product Exp 10/23/16 (regional value)
L’Oreal $2.00/1 excellence or excellence age perfect haircolor product (10/22)
Lipton Buy 1 tea product, get 1 black, herbal or green tea product 20ct free excludes bottled teas up to $3.99 (10/9)
M&M's Brand $1.50/2 Chocolate Candies 9.4oz+ Exp 11/6/16 (regional)
Nasacort $5.00/1 allergy 24hr 120 spray or 2x120 multi-pack spray (10/8)
Nasacrot $3.00/1 allergy 24hr 60 spray (10/8)
Persil $1.00/1 proclean laundry detergent ets (10/23)
Persil $2.00/1 proclean 75oz+ power-liquid, 2lbs12oz+ power-pearls or 40ct+ power-caps (10/23)
Pure Silk $.50/1 shave cream 8oz or twin pack (11/5)
PUREX $1.00/1 Liquid or Powder Laundry Detergent OR Crystals 18oz REDEEMABLE ONLY AT DOLLAR GENERAL Exp 12/31/16 (regional)
Purina $1/2 dog treats (10/15) TARGET COUPON
Purina $10/$50+ pet care purchase excluding dog/cat treats, wet cat food and litter (10/15) TARGET COUPON(regional)
Purina Chow $2.00/1 3.8lb+ dog or puppy food (12/25)
Purina Chow $4.00/1 32lb+ dog or puppy food (12/25)
Purina Tidy Cats $2/1 8.5lb+ litter (10/15) TARGET COUPON(regional)
RENUZIT BUY 2 Single Adjustables for $1.50 REDEEMABLE AT DOLLAR GENERAL ONLY Exp 12/31/16 (regional)
Rimmel London $1.00/1 eye product (11/30)
Rimmel London $1.00/1 product (11/30)
Sensodyne $1/1 pronamel 6-12 years toothpaste for kids (11/6)(regional)
Sensodyne $1/1 pronamel toothpaste 4oz+ (11/8)(regional)
Sensodyne $1/1 toothpaste excludes .8oz (11/5)(regional)
SHEBA BUY 5 GET 5 FREE Perfect Portions Premium Cat Food Up To $4.45 Exp 11/6/16 (regional) 
SHEBA $1.00/1 ANY Meaty Tender Sticks for Cats Exp 11/6/16 (regional)
SOFT SCRUB $1.00/1 Item REDEEMABLE ONLY AT DOLLAR GENERAL Exp 12/31/16 (regional)
Silk $1/1 nutchello nut-based beverage (11/25)(regional)
Simple $1.00/1 wipes product ets (10/23)
Simple $2.00/1 cleanser or moisturizer product ets (10/23)
St. Ives $1.50/1 body wash, scrub, lotion or face care product ets (10/9)
Stainmaster $1/1 carpet, pet or rug stain remover or carpet high traffic cleaner (11/9) (regional)
Suave $1.00/2 Body Wash 12oz+ essentials, men or kids Exp 10/9/16 (regional value)
Suave Kids $1.50/1 purely fun hair care product ets (10/9)
Suave Kids $1.00/1 hair care product ets (10/9)
Suave Men $1.00/1 hair care product (10/23)
Suave Professionals $2.00/2 shampoo or conditioner 28oz or treatment products ets (10/9)
Suave Professionals $3.00/2 gold hair care products excludes luxe styling and 2oz trial (10/9)
Superpretzel $1.00/1 pretzeldogs product (11/1)
Superpretzel $1.00/1 soft pretzel product (11/1)
TRESemme $1.00/1 styling product ets (10/23)
TRESemme $5.00/2 shampoo or conditioner products ets (10/9)
Unilever $5/1 1 fan central item when you buy 3 axe, dove men+care, degree men, suave or Vaseline product ets (11/12) TARGET COUPON (regional)
UNO PIZZARIA & GRILL Restaurant Coupons Exp 11/20/16 (regional)
WELCH'S $1.00/2 ANY 100% Grape Juices (64oz, 96oz, 10oz Multipack) Exp 11/30/16 (regional)
Welch’s $1/1 graham slam pb&j snacks (12/31) (regional)

9/25 SS Coupon Insert Preview
Alka-Seltzer Plus $1.00/1 ANY Product Exp 10/8/16 (regional)
Aveeno $1.00/1 Product Exp 11/5/16 (regional)
Betty Crocker $1.00/3 fruit snacks Exp (11/19)(regional value)
Blu-Emu $3.00/1 ANY Product Exp 11/30/16 (regional)
Clairol $2.00/1 hair color excluding age defy and trial (10/8)
Clairol $6.00/2 hair color boxes excluding age defy, balsam, textures & tones and trial (10/8)
Colgate $1.00/1 mouthwash or mouth rinse 236ml+ (10/22)
Crunchmaster $1.00/1 purchase (10/25)
Dannon $1.00 OFF (3) Oikos or Light & Fit Single Serve Drinks OR (1) Light & Fit Multipack Drinks Exp 10/22/16 (regional)
Dole $1.00/1 ANY Pkg Fruit N Spice Exp 11/27/16 (regional)
Eight OClock $1.00/1 ANY Bag Coffee Exp 11/30/16 (regional)
Ellio's $1.00/2 ANY Pizzas Exp 11/30/16 (regional)
Energizer $.75/1 batteries or flashlight (10/8)
Energizer $1.50/1 ez turn & lock hearing aid batteries (10/8)
Essential Goodness B1G1 FREE ANY Baking Mix Exp 10/8/16(regional)
Essential Goodness $1.00/1 ANY Baking Mix Exp 12/31/16(regional)
Fiber One $1.00/2 chewy bars, 90 calorie products, protein chewy bars, streusel bars, cheesecake bars or cookies boxes (11/19)(regional value)
Glade $1.00/2 products excluding plugins scented oil warmer, solid air freshener and 8oz room spray (11/6)
Glade $2.00/3 products excluding plugins scented oil warmer, solid air freshener and 8oz room spray (11/6)
Gold’n Soft $1/1 spreadable butter (12/31)(regional)
Hershey’s $1.25/3 snack size 9oz+ (10/15)
Huggies $1.00/2 wipes 56ct+ (10/15)(regional valu)=e)
Huggies $2.00/1 little snugglers, little movers or overnites diapers 10ct+ (10/15)
Huggies $4.00/2 diapers 10ct+ (10/15)
Land O’Frost $1.00/2 delisnackers (10/31)
Lemon Grass Kitchen $2.50/1 entrée (10/31)(regional)
Lidocare $1.50/1 ANY Purchase Exp 11/30/16 (regional)
Lubriderm $1.50/1 13floz+ product (11/5)
Nature Valley $1.00/2 5ct+ granola bars or backpacker chewy oatmeal bites (11/19)(regional value)
Oscar Mayer $1/1 lunch meat in zip-pak packaging (11/15)(regional)
Panera Bread $1.50/1 Soup, Chili, Mac & Cheese or Pasta 12oz+ Exp 10/30/16(regional)
Panera Bread $3.00/2 Soup, Chili, Mac & Cheese or Pasta 12oz+ Exp 10/30/16(regional)
Philips Sonicare $10.00/1 2 series, 3 series, healthywhite+ or airfloss (10/31)
Philips Sonicare $20.00/1 flexcare+, flexcare platinum or diamondclean rechargeable toothbrush (10/31)
Philips Sonicare $5.00/1 brush head multi-pack excludes powerup brush heads (10/31)
Philips Sonicare $5.00/1 for kids rechargeable toothbrush (10/31)
Progresso $1.00/4 products excluding pasta bowls Exp 11/19/16 (regional value)
Rachael Ray $1.50/2 nutrish dog treats 3oz+ bags (11/20)
Rachael Ray $1.00/2 nutrish wet dog food 8oz tubs (11/20)
Rachael Ray $2.00/1 nutrish dry cat food 3lb+ bag (11/20)
Rachael Ray $2.00/1 nutrish dry dog food 3.5lb+ bag (11/20)
Rachael Ray B3G1 FREE Nutrish wet cat food 2.8oz tubs up to $1.29 (11/20)
Red Lobster Restaurant Coupons Exp 10/29/16 (regional)
Seapak $1.00/1 ANY Product 8oz+ Exp 12/31/16 (regional)
Spice Islands $1.00/1 seasonings bottle dnd (10/23)
Staples 20% OFF regular priced pack & ship supplies or UPS Shipping Services Purchase Exp 10/12/16 (regional)
Summer’s Eve $1.50/2 external products (12/31)