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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rite Aid 75% OFF Christmas & Hanukkkah CLEARANCE

Rite Aid Christmas & Hanukkah CLEARANCE 75% OFF

Rite Aid Christmas CLEARANCE is at it's LOWEST Point of 75% OFF
Rite Aid Seasonal CLEARANCE does NOT go to 90% OFF as do other stores,
such as Target, Walgreens & CVS.

I found some super cute items today!

NOT pictured I scored some Russel Stover boxed candy!
These simply had a porple ribbon in the picture, nothing Christmassy on the package,
so I snagged a couple and have them hidden away for Valentines Day!

My 9yr old has been wanting a booklight so she can read in the car since it's been getting dark so early in the evening now $.75 (Reg $3.00)
I also grabbed her a little pink picture frame for her bedroom, they had other colors too $.75 (Reg $3.00)

I got SUPER LUCKY and scored a LARGE 18oz Rite Aid Home for the Holidays Cinnamon & Clove Scented Jarred Candle ONLY $2.49 (Reg $9.99)
*** That's my personal happy dance score of the day! ***

7oz Home for the Holidays Candle Santas Cookies Scented Glass Candle $1.49 (Reg $5.99)

My oldest daughter collects snow globes and the tall, skinny LED Noel Snowman will be a unique addition for her collection $2.49 (Reg $9.99)

They had some super cute earring sets $1.24 (Reg $4.99)

Grown Up Christmas Coloring Books $.75 (Reg $3.00)
12pk Color Pencils $.50 (Reg $2.00)

They also had Hanukkah Items 75% CLEARANCE!

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