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Friday, January 6, 2017

Target CLEARANCE Markdown Schedule

Target CLEARANCE Markdown Schedule
I post the majority of my pictures and updates for Target CLEARANCE in my
Target Couponing & CLEARANCE Group >>HERE<<
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I frequently walk my local Target stores and post pictures of Items I find on CLEARANCE!

TIP: ALWAYS Scan CLEARANCE Items at the Price Checkers!
Many Times Items are LOWER than the Signs in the Isles & Red Ticket Prices!

The lowest percentage OFF that regular departments go is 70% OFF.
First they hit 15% OFF, then 30% OFF, then 50% OFF, then 70% OFF.
These percentages OFF MUST be Triggered by an associate
scanning the items with a Markdown Gun.

MONDAY ~ Baby, Kids Clothing, Electronics, Accessories, Books, Stationery, Office Supplies
TUESDAY ~ Women's Clothing, Pets, Domestics, Home Decor, Food
WEDNESDAY ~ Men's Clothing, Diapers, Health & Beauty, Lawn & Garden, Furniture
THURSDAY ~ Toys, Housewares, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Lingerie, Luggage
FRIDAY ~ Auto, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Hardware

Seasonal Department WILL Get to 90% OFF
Valentines, St Patricks, Easter, July 4th, Summer, Back To School. Thanksgiving & Christmas
Food Items Trail behind Non-Food Items by 20%
First they hit 50%/30% (50% for Non-Food & 30% for Food
Then 70%/50% OFF then 90%/70% OFF
These percentages OFF are triggered in the system by corporate.

In January & July Target does a HUGE Toy Department CLEARANCE!
This is when I get the majority of my Christmas & Birthday Gifts.

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