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Monday, October 17, 2016

How To Shop Target Halloween Clearance

MONDAY 11/1/16 NON-Food Items 50% CLEARANCE

I am a total TARGET CLEARANCE junkie!!! I admit it!
Seasonal departments go on CLEARANCE the day after the holiday.
Food items (bagged candy, cake mixes etc) have a lower percentage off than other items.
For example IF costumes & accessories & decorations are at 50% OFF
THEN Food will be at 30% OFF.
Then they goto 70% & 50% and then lastly to 90% & 70% respectively.
Seasonal Departments WILL get to 90% OFF (except food),
unlike regular departments which bottom out at 70% OFF.
SO.... HOW do you know when the next price level drops???
I stalk the stores and post it up for you in My ECM Target Couponing Group
ALSO if YOU see that your store has dropped PLEASE shout out too!
Different store locations & regions can drop at different rates.

Tips for what kind of items to look for and where to find them in the store...
The obvious is yes, check the seasonal section of your Target store.
THEN I do my troll of the back end caps in departments.
In my area for some reason the locations forget to pull the cute kids holiday shirts back to the Clearance section, SO hit the kids departments and look for all those cute Halloween shirts & bibs etc and SCAN them at the price checkers!
ALSO fun to find are holiday bakeware items!!! IF you get really lucky you can score some awesome baking pans or some neat festive aprons. I love scoring the tablecloths and table runners! My kids love when I score the cupcake baking cups. They don't care what holiday is on them, as long as they are festive they're having fun. PLUS things like that never expire so grab a storage bin and set some things aside until next year!

Check the seasonal section for pet costumes, pet treats & toys.
Don't forget to check the back end caps in the Pet Department too!
I score some AWESOME Cat toys on holiday clearance!
Cat Treats too!

GREAT Time to score food mega-cheap!!!
Look for the holiday snack items like Munchies, Oreo cookies, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Kool-Aid Ghoul-Aid Jammers etc.
Don't forget to check the coolers in the grocery section for refrigerated Holiday cookie dough!
Scope out some of the NON-candy food items NOW so you have an idea what to hit up.
It's a GREAT way to save money for packing the kids' lunches!
JUST BE SURE to check your expiration dates on the food items so you can buy accordingly. You don't save money if you buy more than you'll consume before they expire!

HAVE FUN!!!! And share your scores and adventures in My ECM Target Couponing Group!
LOVE to hear tips! LOVE to see pics of what your score!

OH OH OH YES... The BIG Question of WHEN??????

2015 Markdown Schedule
Saturday 11/7/15 dropped to 90/70% OFF
Thursday 11/5/15 dropped to 70/50% OFF
Wednesday 11/4/15 dropped to 70/30% OFF

In 2014 Target dropped Halloween to 90% CLEARANCE on Wednesday 11/5/2014


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