Sunday, February 18, 2018

Easiest Gluten Free Chicken Crockpot Recipe EVER!

Easiest Gluten Free Chicken Crockpot Recipe EVER!

If you're looking for a Simple Chicken Recipe for your Crockpot then I have the answer for you!
The chicken comes out SO juicy and tender, it literally falls apart!
AND it's Gluten Free!

SECRET INGREDIENT ~> 1 Can Progresso Vegetable Classics French Onion Soup (18.5oz)
2 Cups Water
3lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

4 hours on HI
or 8 hours on LO
IF you're cooking frozen chicken then cook 8 hours on HI,

Feel free to add veggies to your liking!

I serve with rice or potatoes.

SAVE MONEY on Chicken by purchasing the Family Pack!
At Wegmans the Family Pack Boneless Chicken Breast is ONLY $1.99/lb!
Use half (3lbs) in the recipe and freeze the other half for a later date!