Saturday, February 10, 2018

FREE + MONEYMAKER Butterball Turkey Bacon at Tops Markets

FREE + MONEYMAKER Butterball Turkey Bacon
Tops Markets Coupon Matchup 2/11 - 2/17/18

Butterball Turkey Bacon 6oz Sale $1.25
USE $.55/1 package Butterball Turkey Bacon Printable Coupon
Total = $.15
EARN 1 GasPoint for Every Dollar Spent = -$.03
EARN 10 GasPoints for using 1 Mfg Coupon = -$.25
Final Price = FREE + $.13 MONEYMAKER
PLUS RECEIVE $3.00 Cash Back from SavingStar WYS $10 on  Butterball Products Exp 3/31/18 >>HERE<<

According to the All of the Butterball products are GLUTEN FREE except for Butterball Stuffed Turkey (bread stuffing) and Butterball Frozen Meatballs.  For our products that are packaged with gravy packets, the gravy packets are gluten free as well. The gravy contains rice flour instead of wheat flour and the modified food starch is corn based.

100 GasPoints = $.10 off per Gallon at the Pump
BASED on the Maximum 25 Gallon Maximum Fillup...
EARN 1 GasPoint for Every Dollar Spent = -$.025
EARN 10 GasPoints for Each Mfg Coupon Used Up To 100pts from Coupons per Transaction = -$.25 each coupon
EARN 100 GasPoint BONUS = -$2.50
EARN 200 GasPoint BONUS = -$5.00

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