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Friday, March 31, 2017

How to EARN FREE Gasoline at Tops Markets

How to Maximize Your GasPoints at Tops Markets

I was never really a Tops Markets shopper
until I got wind of how GasPoints REALLY work!

As you know gasoline is a pretty hefty chunk of ANY household budget.
And the way I figure it is that I have to buy gas anyways SO...
I think of it as PRE-Paying my gas and getting the items at the cost I post in my matchups.
Unless the items are FREE at the register after Tops Markets Coupon Matchups,
then any gaspoints earned are 100% in my favor!

You can redeem GasPoints for up to a 25 Gallon maximum fillup.
(Yes it used to be 30, this is new this promo period.)
ONLY 1 Car Allowed so take a GAS CAN icon with you.
You can pour it into your car/truck at home when you get low,
or use it for your lawn mower, snow blower etc.

#1 Earn 1 GasPoint for Every Dollar Spent
Most people already know yes you Earn 1 GasPoint for every dollar spent.
Which is nice... BUT will take you foreverrrrr to really get a big savings.

#2 Earn 10 GasPoints for Each Mfg Coupon Use
This does NOT Include Click To Card Mfg Coupons ( which I've eliminated
using all together) OR Store Coupons.
This DOES Include all paper manufacturer coupons AND Catalinas.
There IS a LIMIT of 100 GasPoints from Coupons per Transaction,
SO I do NOT Use more than 10 Coupons per Transaction.
This gets really awesome when something is FREE out of pocket at the register after using a coupon, THEN earning gaspoints on top of that!

#3 Take Advantage of the 100/200/300 GasPoint Bonus Deals
This is where you REALLY can rack up GasPoints!
But don't just buy things because they are in a gaspoints deal box,
do your math AND read my postings for your final prices.
Never overpay just because you're getting gaspoints.
I play with the coupons and the numbers every day to scour the best deals for you.

When I make my blog posts for deals for Tops Markets
this is the breakdown I use.
10 GasPoints (each coupon used) = -$.01 off per gallon
BASED on a 25 gallon fillup that's a $.25 Savings at the pump.
100 GasPoints = $.10 off per gallon
BASED on a 25 gallon fillup that's a $2.50 Savings at the pump.
200 GasPoints = $.20 off per gallon
BASED on a 25 gallon fillup that's a $5.00 Savings at the pump.
300 GasPoints = $.30 off per gallon
BASED on a 25 gallon fillup that's a $7.50 Savings at the pump.

GasPoint Earning Periods run in cycles
with a 2 week off period at the end
where you can only Use NOT Earn GasPoints.
Make SURE you Use them all up by the deadline!
If you don't use them you lose them!
I NEVER Use Rainchecks when we are NOT in an earning period!
IF you have any, hold onto them until we start earning again.

IF you focus on the 10GP per Coupon AND the 100/200/300GP Boxes
you will do PHENOMENAL!

I rarely pay for gasoline at the pump.

IF you have more money off per gallon than gas costs at the pump... THAT'S OK!!!
You unused balance remains on your card. Think of it as a debit card.
If you have $4.20 off per gallon earned and you want to fill up,
it will only deduct up to the price per gallon of the gasoline
when you swipe your Tops Bonus Card at the Pump.
So say gas costs $3.00 per gallon,
you will have a remaining $1.20 off per gallon for next time,
plus anything new you earn.
However if you only get 15 gallons at your $3.00 off per gallon discount,
you lose out on the other 10 gallons.
So be sure use points only when your tank is low and take a GAS CAN,
get all your money's worth and get all 25 gallons.

You will also notice that you will pay $.001 per gallon on your FREE Fillup.
So it will most likely cost you $.02 for your 25 gallons when your gas is FREE at the pump.
Hey... I can spare a couple pennies LOL! But most attendants waive it.


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