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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

SAVE on Immaculate Baking Products at Wegmans

SAVE on Immaculate Baking Products

My one daughter has Celiacs disease so I am ALWAYS eyes peeled for ways to save money on her Gluten Free diet. Immaculate Baking Gluten Free Refrigerated Cookie Dough is her FAVORITE for Gluten Free Cookies to Bake and Eat!
And believe me when we tell you we've taste tested MANY GF Items in the past years!

These are also a GREAT idea for a super easy desert to bring to pass if you're attending an event where someone has Gluten restrictions and you're new to it all!
And believe me when I tell you if someone there has Celiacs they will be THRILLED that you thought of them!
Baking Gluten Free from scratch can be VERY confusing and VERY expensive!
And the consistency while mixing up GF items is completely different than non-GF foods, which can confuse you thinking you messed it up LOL!
This is another reason I LOVE Immaculate Baking GF Refrigerated Cookie Dough products!

PLUS in terms of Gluten Free foods these are reasonably priced!
Wegmans sells them for $3.99

AND Right Now we have a DOUBLE SAVINGS on them!

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